Tachikawa Evangelical Free Church

Beloved, it was on and crackin' from the word "Ikimasu." Always a fun time here and unlike most of the other workshops there is a short message given by the pastor to explain the meaning of the song. Love it, love it, love it! Then it's back to the praise party. 

There were the usual choir members which includes one of my ministry daughters, Ayumi who has taken over and done such a marvelous job as the leader.  Also a few guest choir members from other cities, a few first timers and 2 former Long Beach Cornerstone choir members were in the house! Such an awesome time. Everyone participated and no one gave up on the challenge of stepping out of their comfort zone. Yes, this style is different for a lot of people but as I always say because it is what the Holy Spirit told me to say, "God will bless your efforts." But, for Him to bless your efforts you have to make an effort. Give God something to bless. They did and He did! Love them!


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