Strong finish with the Finnish in Finland!

My last few days in Finland were spent relaxing on Monday and then on Tuesday I visited two schools, one an English learning class for retired people and a high school. I you've been reading these blogs you've probably noticed I've mentioned visiting a lot of schools. All I can say is look at God! He has opened so many doors for me to plant gospel seeds and share about Him cause that's what it's all about.

Now the schools were during the day but that evening I had a chance to again visit and teach some songs to "His Master's Noise" choir. A very professional choir
 co-led by Elna and Simon Djupsjöbackahe. Elna whom I've come to know is a very capable and powerfully anointed singer/director. Also she just finished a run on the "Voice Finland." So they are in good hands and they all can flat out sing! 

And yes they have a good time as well! LOL! It would be a treat for people to just come and listen to their rehearsal. The first time I worked with them I was blown away by their focus, hard work and sound. This time I just turned into a fan or groupie! I want them all to autograph my LA Kings Jersey!

But, believe this or not there was something else that evening that took place that was even more spectacular then the whole day of fun, praise, food and new friendships established....I actually saw the Northern Lights in action, live and in person! I will never forget that in my life! It was almost an out of body experience, as if I were being lifted up into the clouds as the lights were dancing! My Lawd what was that! At first everything comes into mind about all that scifi madness I watch!!! Twilight Zone, UFO's, Independence Day, Scully and Mulder. But then a sweet calming feeling of the awesome God and His presence took over. Wow times Wow!


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