"Man up" and handle your business, Beloved!

Maybe some will think "TMI" but my efforts are to make people aware and encourage......

Today I went to the doctor for my annual check up. I walked into the office with my head high, my shoulders squared, my chest out and a big smile on my face. When the doctor measured my height it was 6'3" but when I was leaving the office I felt like I was 4'9" and a half! Here's why:

After going through all the usual procedures and test my doctor says it's time to have your prostate checked! In my Liam Neeson's voice I yelled, "Release the Kraken!" But, nothing happened to her so I had to go through it. My 5'2' female doctor that never laughs at my jokes put on her gloves and said just relax. She also starts sharing about one of her patients that was too "macho" to go through this and also the colonoscopy. He is dying soon from something that could have absolutely been prevented. I've also heard of a few more cases of the same thing from my basketball buddies. Friends and family stating things like, "I ain't going out that way" and "Homie don't play that." They are not here anymore!

Come on fellows! God is absolutely in the miracle business but you can save that needed miracle for another time by simply doing your due diligence! If the difference between life and death is simply laying your behind on a table and relaxing while the medical professionals do their thing for a few seconds or minutes, please do it! Yes it was a little uncomfortable but it will not make you any less a man than when you woke up that morning. I'd rather be 6'3" above ground than 6 feet under ground!

As i was leaving my doctor look at me and said, you're lucky I'm a woman. I said why? She says, I have smaller hands and fingers to do the test!" All I could say was, "Amen and Touche."

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