Gospel Music Workshops Indeed!

I'm already here in Japan and the workshops are in full swing. Completed 3 of many already and I didn't know I could be even more excited after this being the 13th year of being here. But, I am indeed and that excitement continues to grow!

It always has been and continues to be about the people so there is never a dull moment. There are new faces and a lot of regulars that have been coming for awhile. A few have even been at the workshops every year I've been coming so I have to keep it fresh with new songs, new looks and new jokes! If I achieve 2 out of the 3 I'm doing good! 

Now what always stays fresh is the good news gospel that I claim, proclaim or confess, possess and want to share! God keeps making ways and means so I press forward. He continues to amaze and when I can't see anymore room for amazement it happens again and again and again and again. It encourages me to do my part cause I know He's going to do His part, every time and on time!

I have to thank God for so many things i can't even number but again for the opportunity to do gospel music concerts at Tully's Coffee, Starbucks and many impromptu spots where it pays as the word says to be, "instant in season and out." Glory!

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