The Reason Why I sing 

Beloved, I'm having an amazingly awesome time here in Japan sharing the good news gospel in song and (if you give me some room) sometimes dance! It's truly special to witness the power and joy of the Lord move in and over people's lives and situations.

Even though I've been sick the whole time I've been here I'm comforted, encouraged and I get a lot of energy from being able to share to a wide variety of age groups and circles. The good news gospel is for any and all so I praise God for the opportunity to be amongst the young, not as young and also the sometimes forgotten. Truly and sincerely the reason why I sing! 


Back to the land called Japan!  

Time to start blogging again! So Beloved....if you're ready say , Yeah! I'd like to invite those who haven't read my blogs before to check out some of the previous ones so you will get a feel for it. Like Liver it is indeed an acquired taste. You may not like it at first but keep reading and eventually you may hate it so just pray for me!

Before Japan I'll be in Singapore ministering alongside Toyomi-Sensei and the J-Gospel choir at the Trinity Christian Centre. Always such a blessed time. Can't wait to get back there and do what I love. Proclaim the Mighty Name of Jesus! When praises go up, blessings come down! Send them Lord!

Seoul For Real!  

The first part of my September to remember Asia trip is in Seoul So Korea. I have long time partnering ministries and Kingdom Builders I can truly call my friends here in Seoul. To name a few, Dr Eiko Takamizawa and the students/staff at Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Missionary Koo with JASTA (Japanes Students Abroad),  and then there's this "little church" named Onnuri. Early in my calling there were things that made me question what I was doing but it was a meeting with the previous senior pastor Ha that helped me to understand and see the validity of God's calling on my life. He told me he was made aware about my ministry in Japan to the Japanese and said we should partner! He went on to say Onnuri has a lot of resources that he feels could help me. 

Ok Beloved, I was just kidding about the "little church" named Onnuri. Onnuri is a very very huge, thriving, building, sharing, caring, impacting, changing and blessing ministry with a global reach. So, the senior pastor says, "let's partner!" At that point I said yes Lord, yes Lord yes, yes Lord and haven't turned back since.

Now, this is how my first day went on yesterday. You're looking at Breakfast (Tonkatsu) I had after worship team rehearsal with the band,  Lunch (Kumja Tang) 2 hours later with Missionary Koo and Mr Kim and then Dinner (Galbi) after my concert at Manna Cafe. Stick a fork in me, I am done!


My Apologies!  

Sorry everyone! I didn't mean to mislead people! As you can imagine the picture in my facebook post is not from a restaurant here in Japan. It's from M&M's soul Food in LA. I'm sure you can find something like that here, I just don't know where just yet.

In my own, eloquent way might I add, I was trying to prove a point that regardless of how my body feels I may not be able to pick up a dumbbell but I can still pick up a fork. I might not be able to get down on a set of crunches but I seem always able to get down on some mac n cheese or I may not be able to find any room for lunges but I can always find room for dessert! I can keep going if you want! Someone asked me why do I exercise so much. Well, because I eat a lot but that's not the main reason. 

My ministry/Calling requires traveling to some amazingly Wow times Wow places. When you add the people and that's what it's all about, it becomes Awesome times Awesome. God prepares you. He won't send you without being equipped or up for the task. I always liken it unto a soldier being prepared for battle with all the training, conditioning and discipline required because as you can imagine with all the travel it can take a toll on your mind, body and soul! Maybe that's why I am such a big fan of the TV series, "The Last Ship" how important it is to stay true and focused to the mission or task at hand. I experience many cultures, climates, time zones, customs, rituals and so on. Love them all!

So, again very sorry for the confusion! If there is a place here in Japan that offers these items on the menu and tastes as good as they look please let me know so I can inform the world!



Food for the Soul. My Lawd!  

Ok here you go Beloved. Since arriving on Tuesday evening May 23rd I've been eating Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Korean food! I hope you enjoy the ride and view down food ministry alley cause I have !


M.G.E. .......Meet Greet and Eat in full effect!  

What a simply amazing, powerful, very rewarding and filling (in every since of the word) 4 day work week to start things off here in Japan. Started in Tachikawa, Ami/Ushiku and moved on to Sano. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the amazing, powerful, rewarding days but today, Monday was all that plus filling! Thank you so much Katsuhiko and Yumiko-Sensei for the grand hospitality, the meet and greets and even the few impromptu times I had to share a few songs. Yes, let's just say, after that lunch, I won't be needing dinner!

Gospel Music Workshops Indeed!  

I'm already here in Japan and the workshops are in full swing. Completed 3 of many already and I didn't know I could be even more excited after this being the 13th year of being here. But, I am indeed and that excitement continues to grow!

It always has been and continues to be about the people so there is never a dull moment. There are new faces and a lot of regulars that have been coming for awhile. A few have even been at the workshops every year I've been coming so I have to keep it fresh with new songs, new looks and new jokes! If I achieve 2 out of the 3 I'm doing good! 

Now what always stays fresh is the good news gospel that I claim, proclaim or confess, possess and want to share! God keeps making ways and means so I press forward. He continues to amaze and when I can't see anymore room for amazement it happens again and again and again and again. It encourages me to do my part cause I know He's going to do His part, every time and on time!

I have to thank God for so many things i can't even number but again for the opportunity to do gospel music concerts at Tully's Coffee, Starbucks and many impromptu spots where it pays as the word says to be, "instant in season and out." Glory!

Easter Celebration/International Friends Ministry 

I've said it over and over again. If you're going to be involved in international ministries you need (effective) international friends! These are a few of my "Awesome times Awesome" international friends!  Jan Roth, Rebecca Masters and Dawn Kirk!
I know what you thinking....Hey, that's the crew from RJC (Reaching Japanese For Christ). Yes, you are wise grasshopper.
I praise God for all of these ladies and the rest of their, "International Friends" team members at the St. Matthew Lutheran Church. Just to say my time here in Michigan was indeed a blessing would not paint the true picture. It was indeed an extreme blessing to the "nth degree" but in addition to that these ladies and ministry gave me the opportunity to share about my Calling and the good news gospel to some believers but mostly non-believers. The majority were Japanese so i was able to use some of my limited (bad pronunciation of) Japanese! LOL!  Also, because it was an Easter celebration with Easter egg hunt, prizes and raffles there were a lot of whole families there. Mom, dad and kids! My Lawd! That's an amazing opportunity to be able to bear witness to the whole attentive family! Everyone was genki in a very festive mood. Also again, when you add in the international choir, made up of members from the church and also members from the community the came out of the workshops, the Holy Ghost Party was in full effect!

There were indeed some good gospel seeds planted but more importantly, there is an awesome ministry to follow up and follow through on all those seeds planted. I was and I am still truly, truly honored to have been a part of this event! Please keep them in your prayers because they maybe small in number but do so much in this Kingdom Building Business!
Love them!

Gospel Flow IV Indeed! 

What comes to mind with regards to the concert last night is, what a time, what a time, what a time, for God to Shine! Not just in the awesome singing and not just in the rocking band but also in the individual lives of all involved.

What God revealed to me during communion at the morning service in that church is this place, named "The Old Church" will be filled with people bringing needs, wants, desires, also in need of direction, next step, healing, repentance, reconciliation and more. Ok no it wasn't the "New Wine" served at communion in the "The Old Church" talking! It was serious but stop playing! It was a clear word for me that no one would leave like they came in Jesus name.

The choir and the people showed up and God showed out! Largest choir, between 75-80 and over 300 in the audience, in unity, on one accord, singing praises to God, young and not as young anymore, not wanting to stop! It was truly amazing to see and also be right in the middle of it! 24 hours later and I'm still shaking from awesomeness of the concert. Awesome not in an event kind of way but in a "Praise Extravaganza" kind of way!