Gospel Flow IV Indeed!

What comes to mind with regards to the concert last night is, what a time, what a time, what a time, for God to Shine! Not just in the awesome singing and not just in the rocking band but also in the individual lives of all involved.

What God revealed to me during communion at the morning service in that church is this place, named "The Old Church" will be filled with people bringing needs, wants, desires, also in need of direction, next step, healing, repentance, reconciliation and more. Ok no it wasn't the "New Wine" served at communion in the "The Old Church" talking! It was serious but stop playing! It was a clear word for me that no one would leave like they came in Jesus name.

The choir and the people showed up and God showed out! Largest choir, between 75-80 and over 300 in the audience, in unity, on one accord, singing praises to God, young and not as young anymore, not wanting to stop! It was truly amazing to see and also be right in the middle of it! 24 hours later and I'm still shaking from awesomeness of the concert. Awesome not in an event kind of way but in a "Praise Extravaganza" kind of way!

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  • Susan Sidney-Massengale
    Susan Sidney-Massengale USA
    Glory to God!

    Glory to God!

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