Easter Celebration/International Friends Ministry

I've said it over and over again. If you're going to be involved in international ministries you need (effective) international friends! These are a few of my "Awesome times Awesome" international friends!  Jan Roth, Rebecca Masters and Dawn Kirk!
I know what you thinking....Hey, that's the crew from RJC (Reaching Japanese For Christ). Yes, you are wise grasshopper.
I praise God for all of these ladies and the rest of their, "International Friends" team members at the St. Matthew Lutheran Church. Just to say my time here in Michigan was indeed a blessing would not paint the true picture. It was indeed an extreme blessing to the "nth degree" but in addition to that these ladies and ministry gave me the opportunity to share about my Calling and the good news gospel to some believers but mostly non-believers. The majority were Japanese so i was able to use some of my limited (bad pronunciation of) Japanese! LOL!  Also, because it was an Easter celebration with Easter egg hunt, prizes and raffles there were a lot of whole families there. Mom, dad and kids! My Lawd! That's an amazing opportunity to be able to bear witness to the whole attentive family! Everyone was genki in a very festive mood. Also again, when you add in the international choir, made up of members from the church and also members from the community the came out of the workshops, the Holy Ghost Party was in full effect!

There were indeed some good gospel seeds planted but more importantly, there is an awesome ministry to follow up and follow through on all those seeds planted. I was and I am still truly, truly honored to have been a part of this event! Please keep them in your prayers because they maybe small in number but do so much in this Kingdom Building Business!
Love them!

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