Michigan again and hopefully again! International Blessings indeed!

Beloved, It's been a little while since my last blog but, my Lawd! Holy Ghost Party still rolling on down the way!

I'm in Michigan this week and I arrived Tuesday evening in Detroit. I was picked up at the airport by my friends, partners in the Japanese ministry and hosts Rebecca and Philip Masters.

I came Tuesday evening because Wednesday was going to be an early morning. It started with the St Matthew men's fellowship/bible study/prayer time breakfast at 6am. A special time indeed because one of the members went to be with the Lord the week before. Rest in Heaven Henry. We'll see you again!

From there I was taken to St Matthew Lutheran Church/School to share in chapel at the school. Such an anointed time! I love those kids and staff so much! One of the students is hearing impaired and they gave me a personal monitor to wear. I hope hope I didn't hurt their ears! A mic I can pull back from when I get loud, but that monitor was right there in my power zone!

After Chapel I worked with 2 of the Japanese groups with the International Friends ministries. We sang, dance, laughed and I shared about my ministry in Japan and other countries. Powerful time that continued on to Thursday. I worked with another group in the morning and then the afternoon I had a special time with the International Women's Chorus! Wow! They are so awesome! I wish I could make their concert on Sunday.

Friday was a relax and prepare to travel day. I loaded up the "Blue Danube," (thank you Dawn and Ed Kirk) made sure I had enough coffee and snacks in case of an emergency and hit the road (20 mins drive) for Highland Park Baptist church in Southfield, MI to be apart of their Mission's conference. I'm a guest director working with a choir on Saturday and putting on a concert on Sunday! My Lawd! Too excited!


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