Barcelona, Spain

Here we go Beloved! Hit the ground running indeed but I don't feel like I'm touching ground. Feels like I'm running on clouds and flying without wings!  Made it to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, my host Marina of who are the sponsors of the event picked me up and of course, on our way to the hotel we engaged in car karaoke! We sang the song that all the school teachers sing at the end of the day on Fridays,  "Freedom!" (just kidding, maybe)

I checked into the hotel and we immediately went to the theatre where the workshop and concert will be to meet up with her husband Ruben to setup. I walked in and just felt the presence of the Lord all over the place! Wow times Wow! A special anointing, not about me but for me and all who take part. Yes there's going to be some holy noise in this place and I can't wait and I know I won't be able to sleep.

After we finished setting up of course it's time to eat! My Lawd! Maybe I should have held back just a little. Nope! We didn't just go eat dinner, we threw down on some "Tapas!" This restaurant was all things Tapas and I am now a big fan now. My poor waistline. 


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